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Temporary Employees/Contractors

The growing demand for assignment-based employees has given rise to the trend of temporary or contractual employees worldwide. This kind of employment benefits both, the employers and the employees. It allows the employers to test out the employees’ work before considering them for permanent employment. Likewise, it allows the employees to see if the job profile aligns with their career goals and ambitions. In some cases, however, the end motive is not to look for permanent employees, but just to find the perfect fit to fulfill a specific need or role. Nonetheless, this type of employment is growing and is the preferred style of employment for many organizations and individuals out there. W2 and Corp-to-Corp roles fall under this category. W2 employment is one in which Apteek Pharma runs your payroll. Corp-to Corp or C2C employment is one in which Apteek Pharma serves as a link between the company generating your payroll and the company actually hiring you for their project.