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Professional Consulting

In simple words, we find the right talent for you. But we understand that sometimes the requirements are way more complicated. That’s why, we are here for you. Sometimes, you need one right fit, sometimes, you need a few more, and sometimes, you need scores! We can help you handpick the best for your specific requirements.

Our solutions are customized and precisely tailored. Once you reach out to us, our placement team connects with you to jot down your requirements. They try to understand your needs in terms of job specific requirements as well as behavioral requirements.

Then, our HR team digs into our pool of employee data. They begin by matching the job requirements of the candidates to your needs. Once the first step is done and they have a narrowed down list of candidates, the HR team then proceeds to the personality matching stage. In this stage, they analyze the behavioral and psychological personality traits of the candidates. This stage incorporates: series of calls with the candidates to understand their preferences, face-to-face meetings with the candidates, and mock interviews to understand how the candidates react to different scenarios that they may face as a part of their job in the future. After this stage, the HR team prepares a list of the final candidates along with their files. The placement team then connects you with the chosen candidates and helps you in the decision making process.

Once you finalize on the best candidates, our job brokers pitch in to work out the magical number that suits you and the candidate. And then, the journey begins of yet another fresh relation that we hope will last forever. And believe us, the process might be intensive, but we work quickly to provide you with the best results in a timely manner.

We believe that our role does not end with placement. We take regular feedbacks from you and the candidate to ensure smoothness in workflow and to monitor the candidate’s performance.

Connect with us and let us help you find your best people out there!
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