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Employee Resources

Our Recruiting Process

Interested candidates reach out to us by submitting their resume through our website. They apply to open positions or make a general resume submission. Once a resume reaches us, it enters the initial database that is accessed by our HR team. Your resume submission enhances your visibility in the eyes of the HR team that is up-to-date with the current industry trends.

New resumes are instantly viewed by our HR team and passed on to the professional content developers who scan these for any general editing and proofing matters. These resumes are passed on to the placement engineers who then engage with the candidates to understand their needs, interests, and job preferences. They try to gauge their psychological comfort levels, past experiences, and aspirations, while also briefing the candidates on the relevant current positions and general industry trends and procedures.

The resumes and the notes gathered from the candidates are then handed over to the portfolio designers. As soon as the resumes reach their desk, they begin updating the resumes to match the industry level. They ensure that the candidates’ strengths are highlighted in the best possible ways to gain maximum attention. They craft a package that is appealing, informative, clear, and helps candidates stand out from the crowd. The completed document is then sent over for the candidate’s perusal and once everything is finalized, the portfolio or the revamped resume is placed in our active job placement database.

The HR team regularly receives updates on the open positions and looks for relevant candidates from the active job placement database. After carefully examining the resumes for any open position, the HR team reaches out to candidates personally to thoroughly discuss the role in question. This discussion also involves an analysis of the candidate’s personality, mock interview sessions, and career counseling tips.

The right candidates are then connected by the placement team with the end clients. Soon after the clients decide on the right talent for their position, the job brokers work with the candidates and the clients to negotiate and finalize on the salary and other benefits.

We receive regular feedbacks from the clients and candidates to ensure both the parties are happy and satisfied. We believe that only in an environment of mutual cooperation can the employees and the companies thrive and grow.

Temporary to Permanent Employees

Temporary or contractual employees many times go on to become permanent employees of the companies that they work for. Sometimes, the companies are not in a position to hire permanent employees right away due to many time consuming administrative and other responsibilities that are a part of the hiring process. Apteek Pharma helps the companies in fulfilling their employee needs by taking care of the extra work and letting them focus solely on the role in question. This kind of employment gives buffer time to the employees as well as the employers to understand each other before moving ahead with a long-term commitment.

Temporary Employees/Contractors

The growing demand for assignment-based employees has given rise to the trend of temporary or contractual employees worldwide. This kind of employment benefits both, the employers and the employees. It allows the employers to test out the employees’ work before considering them for permanent employment. Likewise, it allows the employees to see if the job profile aligns with their career goals and ambitions. In some cases, however, the end motive is not to look for permanent employees, but just to find the perfect fit to fulfill a specific need or role. Nonetheless, this type of employment is growing and is the preferred style of employment for many organizations and individuals out there. W2 and Corp-to-Corp roles fall under this category. W2 employment is one in which Apteek Pharma runs your payroll. Corp-to Corp or C2C employment is one in which Apteek Pharma serves as a link between the company generating your payroll and the company actually hiring you for their project.

Permanent Employees

Organizations, many times, don’t want to invest time in searching for the right candidate, but they do want the right candidate. Likewise, employees, sometimes, find it challenging getting placed in the roles they like. This is where Apteek Pharma comes in to bridge the gap. We help connect the employers and the employees. With better networking, employees land in their dream jobs and the employers get the best talent for their direct hiring positions.


As an employee of Apteek Pharma, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Work with an e-verified company
  • Competitive pay packages
  • Relocation benefits
  • 401 (K) benefits
  • Health insurance plans
  • H1-B assistance (if required)
  • CAP exempt H1-B sponsorship (if required)
  • PERM sponsorship (if required)

Payroll Services

Employers identify who they want in their working team, but don’t want to hire yet. We have a solution. We hire the employees while they work for the chosen employers. We provide flexible options that let the employers utilize the services of the employees while we handle the HR and administrative aspects of this relationship. From screening of the employees to their paperwork and paychecks, we handle it all. Contact us to know more about our payroll services.